Astrology is an ancient art and science that can be traced back to the time of the Egyptians. One of the first known zodiacs was carved on the ceiling at the beautiful temple of Dendera.
It is thought that astrology was used mainly to gain information about affairs of state and to help guide the Pharoahs during those times. Now we can all gain access to this ancient wisdom and use it to illuminate our journey.

Symbolic Language

Astrology is a symbolic language and even the appearance of the symbols that represent the planets and signs conveys information about the quality of that planet or sign. One of the gifts that astrology offers is to help us understand what the symbolic meaning may be of certain events or happenings in our lives, however mundane. When we recognise the energy the universe is trying to convey, we can then re-express this on a higher level.

A Complex Picture

Sun sign astrology in newspapers and magazines simply divides everyone into the twelve signs of the zodiac. However, an interpretation of your birth chart is a different matter. A birth chart is a complex picture derived from a moment in time and space that describes the placement and relationships between the planets in the signs and houses (or areas) of the chart.

Our Life Script

Many astrologers do not consider astrology to be about prediction, feeling that this is dis-empowering and not conducive to our overall spiritual growth. A birth chart is a life script, a story that reveals the major issues, conflicts and lessons in our lives. Some astrologers are able to give us information about our genetic inheritance and family background, along with past life influences and how we can best use these energies to fulfill our purpose in this lifetime.

(Many thanks to Amanda Bradbury who has contributed this introduction to Astrology)

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