Hand Analysis

Elemental hand analysis differs from traditional palmistry in that it uses different symbolism and terminology. It takes a more analytical, scientific, holistic approach. There is no one thing in the hand that says This is me – you have to look at the whole hand to get a picture of who you are.

Studying the hand is like looking at a map of yourself as a person at that moment in time. It’s about having a greater awareness of yourself, studying your own patterns to get a better knowledge of yourself. Then you can begin to overcome weaknesses, transcend difficulties and limitations that you have and learn to accept yourself for the individual that you are.

Instead of using the planetary names, elemental hand analysis uses the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether to interpret all features of the hand at all levels.

Earth – the physical level – reveals things about your current health, predisposition to illness, diet, lifestyle, possible causes of ill health. Potential illness can appear on hands before physical symptoms develop, so can help us to learn about our physical body and prevent future ill health.

Water – the emotional level – is about relationships, emotional and sexual needs and difficulties, patterns of interacting with others.

Fire – the creative level – what kind of work and working environment suits you, hobbies, activities, career guidance based upon skills, talents, abilities, interests.

Air – the psychological level – helps you to understand yourself, your character & personality traits, mental skills, educational advice – which courses / studies would suit you.

Ether – the spiritual level – indicates the type of spiritual or religious values, beliefs and practices which may suit you and assist in your spiritual growth.

Hand analysis is an amazingly accurate and powerful tool for self-understanding. It can help you to take stock of your life, gain clarity, insight, understanding and acceptance of yourself, your habitual patterns, where you are now, how you arrived here, and your current direction for the future. By looking at the five levels of health, emotions, work, psychology and spirituality, a hand analyst can guide you as to how you can create positive change where necessary and develop your latent potentials in order to lead a more healthy, harmonious, creative, interesting, fulfilling and satisfying life!

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