Living Magically

Create your own heaven on earth -
and learn to grow through joy …
… rather than struggle!

Living MagicallyLiving Magically offers a magical blend of metaphysics, shamanism and spiritual awareness for everyday life.

It is a practical, down-to-earth approach to living with joy, creating true prosperity, fulfilling your higher purpose, freeing your soul – transforming your life -
- living magically !

Living Magically offers a magical blend of metaphysics, shamanism and psychology for everyday life. This practical wisdom comes from the mystic heart of the world’s spiritual traditions. It encourages us to take full responsibility for our lives, to honour the Light within ourselves and others, and to create a heaven on earth.

Here are seven basic themes of Living Magically. These are not fixed truths or dogma – just ideas which might ring true for you, deep in your heart:

1. Life is a chosen adventure in consciousness. A lifetime on earth is just one fragment of our journey as conscious beings.

2. We create our own reality. The outer world mirrors our inner world. There is no luck, chance or coincidence. Every event is an opportunity for us to learn and grow.

3. We can choose to grow through love, joy and ease – rather than through struggle, trauma and martyrhood. As we learn to love ourselves and others, life becomes more and more magical.

4. If we listen to the whispers, reality does not have to shout at us. Ordinary everyday events are filled with messages. And we are not alone – guides and angels are aware of each step we take, and can offer loving support and guidance, if only we stop and listen.

5. If we follow our dreams, or enthusiasm (en theos = God within), we will fulfill our soul’s chosen destiny.

6. Everything is conscious and alive – every rock, every tree, every river, every cloud. Everything comes from consciousness (or “God”). There are no “objects”, only subjects. As human beings, we belong inseparably to this sacred web of life.

7. A global shift in consciousness is now taking place which will transform our lives. Personally and globally, we are reclaiming the Goddess, or “divine feminine”: the power of the soul, love, wisdom, emotion and intuition. While still honouring our individuality and uniqueness, we are re-membering that everything is One.

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