Sedona Method

‘This method of personal and spiritual development was only available in the States until recently. The Sedona Method will be a household name within a year or two.’
Deepak Chopra’s agent, Arielle Ford.

Reap the benefits of this extraordinary system of releasing limitation and emotional reactivity. The Sedona Method can be used in all situations and in all interactions to enhance every area of personal and spiritual life. You will learn how to stop suppressing emotions or expressing them destructively and let go of them instead. Letting go of negative emotions, thoughts about the past and worries about the future, old patterns and limits allows you to be happy, right now. Then you can experience the freedom, creative power and joy of the present.

You will learn how to improve relationships, create financial security, and release the fears that prevent you from achieving your goals. It will help you to let go of blocks to self-motivation and effectiveness, deal with stress and challenging situations, make sound decisions, increase the fun and joy in your life, perform well under pressure, enhance energy, and resolve health problems. Go along easily and happily with the flow of life.

And learning how to let go of striving using the Method allows your dreams and goals to materialise effortlessly.

This is an immensely practical approach to bringing spiritual practices into everyday life and yet continued application of the principles and methods will give you access to states of peace, bliss, calm and love which are usually considered to be available only to Eastern mystics.

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