Self Sufficiency

Get Off the Grid and Get Rid of Stress

You know the drill. They come every month no matter how much you try to conserve energy. Your paycheck gets a huge bit taken out of it when it’s time to pay the electric bill, the water bill, the sewer bill, the gas bill and the telephone bill.

With the economy the way it is, many electric companies are seeking to pass on the higher energy costs to the consumer. Which means your bills are going to continue to skyrocket. No wonder many people are seeking an alternate way of living.

Running to and fro every day trying to get back and forth to a job you don’t even really like that much so you can pay bills that never end, it’s no wonder the majority of us are at maximum stress levels!

And the bad thing about stress as you know is that we feel it in our body. Joint aches, headaches, muscle tension and more. It’s enough to make just getting through the day a pain in the neck.

If you go back in history to a time before the invention of today’s modern ‘conveniences’ you’ll see that it took twice as long to get things done and yet people were happier. There was no rush to get to the grocery store for a pop in the microwave dinner after being at the office for fourteen hours. There weren’t a hundred different kids’ activities to get to in order for the kids to be ‘well rounded.’

No, there was tranquility, a slow paced life and neighbors helping neighbors. More often than not today, scores of families are choosing to get off the grid and choose to live a life where stress isn’t an integral part of every day existence.

Getting off the grid is more than finding ways to produce your own energy for your household. It means that you’ve decided that enough is enough and you’re going to do whatever is necessary to get out from under the dead weight of a lifestyle that’s not the one you want.

For some of you, it might mean selling everything you own and moving to a third world country to make a difference in the lives of the people there. For others, it might simply mean that you walk away from the prestige, from the corner office, from the six figure salary that while it affords you a comfortable living materially, drains all your energy.

If it seems like only a dream, that you couldn’t possibly make such a drastic move, just ask those who’ve already stepped away from all that was familiar and have a deep satisfaction with their choices.

Because when it boils down to it, life is about choices and if you don’t like the choices you’ve made that led you where you are now, then make a new choice and leave the stress behind when you do.