Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness could be said to be the recognition by each individual that they are a spiritual being currently having a human experience. The vast majority of the earth’s population also believe that we have many human experiences or lifetimes, often referred to as the process of re-incarnation, each of which is an opportunity to add to the learning and wisdom of our soul in its process of developing wholeness.

There are many, many paths towards spiritual awareness or enlightenment; some are smoother and steadier than others, but most involve self discipline, perseverance, often painful life experiences, joy, mystical or peak experiences and, ultimately, the consistent expression of compassion and unconditional love.

Contrary to some popular New Age beliefs, there are no quick routes to spiritual enlightenment. One day intensives, tantric techniques, visits to the Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Pichu or the Himalayas – all of these may add to your growing awareness or they can be a mere distraction from the real work of developing wisdom, love and discernment.

Following a specific religion does not necessarily lead to spiritual awareness. It is difficult to come fully into your power whilst operating within the confines of a specific belief system or structure. Each of the major world religions has its exoteric or outer teaching which is freely available to all, and its esoteric or inner teaching which is available only to those who seek greater enlightenment and are prepared to give up at least a part of their outer lives in their search for spiritual truth.

At this time in the history of humanity we have the opportunity to grow spiritually without involvement in a particular belief system by following our hearts and our intuition. This is the development of our own personal connection with Oneness, God, Allah, the Christ or Buddha Consciousness, the Source, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Energy, Love – whatever name you prefer to use for the energy which is at the centre of your being and at the centre of all life.

The development of psychic gifts and healing ability comes naturally in different ways to those who follow a path of spiritual growth. There are many levels of for example clairvoyance starting with the simple ability to see or sense the etheric and lower astral planes, much of which is illusionary and misleading. The fact that an individual has psychic ability is not necessarily a sign of spiritual development; whatever gifts we are given it is still essential to keep on working on ourselves to ensure that those gifts are used to their full potential and with the right power of intent.

Similarly, we all have the ability to facilitate healing, to a greater or lesser degree. However, pure energy cannot flow through a muddy pipe and remain pure when it emerges; therefore if we want to be involved in powerful healing work we must be willing to clean up our physical, emotional and mental energy bodies so that we can transmit healing energy in as pure a form as possible. This cleansing process is continuous and often involves changes in diet and nutrition, exercise, changes in emotional behaviour and in our beliefs and thought processes. It also requires us to become more conscious of the energy with which we surround ourselves and to seek out only the best in terms of teachers, guides and those whom we allow to work with us.

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